Saying Goodbye


Each art is printed on high quality paper (size 8” x 6”) and mounted in a modern brown frame. Each frames are individually cello-wrapped.

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Saying Goodbye

Death is not the finally say
Eternal life is a better way.
I am resting up above
Cuddling in the Arms of love
O death where is your sting?
I cannot fell it, that’s why I sing!
I am free from sorrow and pain
What can ever hurt me again?
There’s so much joy and peace up here
I’m safe with Jesus, there is no fear
Don’t cry , it’s not in sympathy
For we have got the victory!
My love one, don’t fret or faint
For I am now a precious saint.
Just wait for me; we will ever
Be once more united together!

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saint. Psalms 116:15