I Will Not Need Shoes in Heaven


Each art is printed on high quality paper (size 8” x 6”) and mounted in a modern brown frame. Each frames are individually cello-wrapped.

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I will not need shoes in heaven;
I’ll be strolling on paths of gold.
Forget about a walking stick
– in heaven I will never grow old!

I’ll not need a coat in heaven
because His love will wrap me warm.
I’ll bask in His glorious light
and relax on heaven’s green lawn.

When I pop out to see the King,
you know, for a cuppa and a chat.
I won’t ever need to worry
about the wind stealing my hat.

I won’t need to use a brolly;
in this place there will be no rain.
Heaven is everlasting laughter;
There will be no time for pain.

Don’t bother about your credit card
if you’re shopping at heaven’s mall!
because you’ll not need a penny,
when the angel’s trumpet call.