About Us

The Writer

Seasonal Words are the designs of Layne Estell (MA)

Based in Salford UK, I am a writer passionate about creating seasonal and inspirational gifts that aim to encourage, uplift and cheer the heart.

These original and unique mounts are beautifully and delicately decorated by hand.

The design of each mount may differ slightly.  If desired and where possible, the design/colours can be chosen by you. The mount can also be made personalized, making the gift even more special. It is always nice to receive a gift that no-one else has!

Seasonal words have gifts for a variety of
occasions such as, new birth, christening or dedication, wedding, birthday, encouragement and many more.

The Artist

Kathryn Nuttall (BA)

My main inspiration to paint comes from the natural world, landscapes and the sea. My favourite places are the northern counties of Northumberland, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. I aim to capture various moods, atmosphere and my own feelings about a place. I am fascinated by water based subjects, trying to capture the texture, colours and transparency. I will first sketch and photograph a chosen motif. If I choose to develop this further I will develop the studies into an oil or watercolour painting.